Remembering the 2006/2007 New Year's Eve Party

Location: Almere Haven
Arrival time: uncertain
End time: no limit
Host: Vrijburg family
Guests: see the pictures bellow

Fam. Todoran, First In First Out (I will never know if we were on time or late.) ...

Warm atmosphere and excellent cuisine...

There were 3 groups of participants, sometimes interacting with each other...
A perfect evening for kids... a lot of boys, toys, games and sweets...
Despite of the heavy rain, the fireworks were spectacular...
Thank you all for a memorable New Year's Eve!

We had a great time! We are enjoying your company and your dishes. Mihaela & Leon
Kaylene & Onno,
you are THE perfect host team! Thanks! Kaylene & Onno
you were my saver... the choco balls... Effie
Genevieve & Eric,
it was very nice meeting you. Merci beaucoup! Genevieve & Eric
A great party... hope is going to be the first in a long row.